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Looking To Rehome?

Here's some tips...

Do you want to find the right home for your cat or kitten? Below is a bit of information to help find a home that is suitable for your furry feline.


  • A photo - get a spectacular photo and video of your cat or kitten. A picture speaks a thousand words. The right family may just fall in love instantly with your cat portrayed in a photo and it will encourage them to contact you to find out more.


  • A blurb – this needs to include:


  1. Age

  2. Colour

  3. Temperament

  4. Any Medical History

  5. Vaccination Status

  6. Whether they are desexed and microchipped

  7. The type of home environment they would suit best

  8. Whether they are an only child or are used to having other cats around and perhaps dogs.


Include all of their loveable quirks. I.e. whether they love sleeping on the bed, are a huge purrer, if they love to play, are a lap cat – all of the things that you fell in love with in the first place.  

  • Advertising – everywhere!​

    1. Pets on the Net

    2. Facebook community pages

    3. Facebook pet pages

    4. Vets

    5. Community notice boards


    7. Place a listing on Trademe


Receiving phone calls – below is a list of questions we ask people wanting to adopt our cats and kittens. This helps us to get a better understanding of the potential adoptee’s home environment and to find out a bit more about them and their household situation.



Name:                                                                  Phone number:


Address (not essential):


Email address (not essential):


Describe household members;

  • Children in home:                                           

  • Number of children:                      

  • Ages of children:


Do you own your own home?


If you don’t own your own home do you have permission written from your landlord to have animals in your home?


Do you live on a busy road?


Do you have any other animals in your home?

  • Type of animals

  • Age of animals

  • How they interact with you/ each other/ how they would be with a new family member.

  • If they have other animals how do they plan on integrating this cat/ kitten.


If no current animals – ask if they have had a cat before and prompt for what this cat was like.


Will this cat/ kitten be an indoor kitten or outdoor kitten?


Would they be happy to pay any vet bills that may occur in this cat/ kittens future/ could they afford them.


Choosing the right family is crucial when rehoming cats and kittens.


When choosing a family for our cats or kittens we make sure that the fit is right for both and cat or kitten and their human.


Arrange a time for the family to come and meet the cats or kitten in their own environment. If they are slightly nervous or wary of strangers it might be best to keep them in one room when the family comes to visit.


Try to get the whole family to meet the cat or kitten prior to adopting them (that way if there are younger children in the family you can see if your feline is able to adapt to them in their own environment).


Use your intuition to see if you think the family is right for your feline. You know your girl/ boy best – watch the interaction between the two to see if they are comfortable around them. It might not happen straight away, it might take your cat or kitten a bit of time to warm up to them initially - but you’ll be able to tell fairly quickly if your cat would fit into this household.


I.e. if you cat is wary about loud noises it would be best to re-home them to a quieter household without younger children.


Once you’ve decided that they are the right fit, refer the family to our “I'm introducing a new cat or kitten into the family - what should I do?” page to ensure a smooth transition into their new household.

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