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​How you Can Help 

We are so blessed to have a community that supports our vision and finds it in their hearts to support the Cats and Kittens that we rescue. Our door is always open to talk with you personally and find a way that works for you to contribute to the abandoned Cats and Kittens that need us!

Become a Sponsor

We have a number of amazing and decicated Sponsors that support us in so many ways. Everything from financial, to business support, to kennel sponsorship to vetrinary assistance. We would love to talk with you about how you could personally or corporatly become one of our sponsors. Pop Helen a email now and she looks forward to talking with you. 


By purchasing items from our Shop you are also helping proivde funding for the cats that are in our care as the proceeds go towards CatsnCare. Check out all the great items for cats everything from cat litter to toys and beds. Here is a link to our Shop!

Wish List

Cash is great but we always cat related items, cages or food to help support the Cats and Kittens that come into our Care. For a list of items we could use please Click HERE!​


We are always in need of Foster Homes. If you have a room in your house where the cats or kittens could stay safe we can supply you with everything you will need. If might be a great way to see if your kids are ready to have a cat. To get started please Click HERE!


We couldn't do it without a tremendous team of Volunteers. We would love to have you come aboard and volunteer with CatsNCare. If you have a few hours or a day we would welcome your time. Please fill out the sign up box and we will get in touch with you to get started. 


​​Help make a difference!
Sign up! Find out how you can volunteer TODAY!

​If you can fill out the information on right side. We will be sure to get back to you and chat about the opportunity of partnering with you or your business. Thank you for considering CatsnCare as your Charity of Choice.


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