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Become a Foster

Why Foster With Us?

Why... Why is why we do what we do. The Why should we foster question is something we get asked often. We just couldnt do this without our amazing, passionate and reliable volunteer Foster Homes. Every Foster home is different, some provide our Cats or Kittens with a room in their home, some homes have other animals, Kids and even other feline friends. Some people thing that Fostering is too hard to give them up after fostering. Well to be honest it can be hard, because if it wasn't hard you wouldn't have loved. 


How Fostering Works

We are excited that you have decided to become a Foster Home with CatsnCare. The next step is to comlete a Foster Application. We will set up a time to chat and find out what works for your family. Then when the appropiate time comes when we have an animal that we can place into your care, we will set up a Meet and Greet, Provide you with all the supplies, food, litter box and litter and help in making sure they settle in with you. We provide ongoing support, we have a private Voluneer Facebook page, and items as you need them. We ask that you provide us with updates, take the animal to all vet appointments, bring them to adoptathons, and help show off them to potential adoptive families.  

Foster Home Application

Please give us a call or complete this application and we will get started setting you up with our Foster Partnership

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