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2,500 cats and kittens rehomed since 2011

About us

CatsnCare was founded early in 2011 to care for and rehome stray, abandoned and abused cats and kittens throughout the Rodney area.


CatsnCare is a registered charitable organisation that relies on an enthusiastic team of volunteers, local veterinary clinics and community support by way of donations.

In 2018, with the ever increasing number of companion animals being abandoned and relinquished, that same committee set up Coast Pet Care Charitable Trust with the aim of stemming the flow by helping to desex and microchip as many companion animals as possible. 


With the opening of their Charity Shop and Community Vet Clinic in Silverdale, the focus has changed from rescue and rehoming to desexing and microchipping.

The Coast Pet Care Community Vet Clinic is staffed entirely by volunteers - vets, vet nurses and support staff - who give up their time and expertise to help animals taken in by rescue groups and those community members who are struggling to pay for the care of their companion animals.

The Caring 4 Paws Charity Shop on the same site, provides the funds for the Clinic to carry out the desexing, microchipping and vaccinating procedures.  On occasion the volunteer vets and vet nurses also perform other surgeries for rescue groups and when animals are referred to them by other veterinary practices.

Coast Pet Care ​$50 Desex & Microchip 
Coast Pet Care can arrange to have your cat desexed and microchipped for $50. 
Click here for an application form
and email it through to to book an appointment with our coordinator


​Community  Supporters

  We couldn't do what we do without the help of...


Silverdale Veterinary Hospital
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